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These free online calculators can help you stay in control of your money. Select from the list of savings, tax and loan calculators below.

Please note the results from each calculator should be used as an indication only.


  • Borrowing Power Calculator

    The Borrowing Power Calculator will provide you with a guide on the amount you can borrow.

  • Budget Planner Calculator

    The Budget Planner Calculator will help you assess your financial position.

  • Credit Card Calculator

    The Credit Card Calculator will help you to determine how much interest you pay on your credit card.

  • Extra Repayment Calculator

    The Extra Repayment Calculator will show you how much time and interest you can save by paying more than the minimum repayment on your mortgage.

  • Home Loan Offset Calculator

    The Home Loan Offset Calculator can help you understand how much you pay on your home loan when you have an offset account.

  • Honeymoon Loan Calculator

    The Honeymoon Loan Calculator can help you to understand your overall mortgage repayments, including your honeymoon period.

  • How Long To Repay Calculator

    The How Long To Repay Calculator will help you understand how long it will take to repay a loan.

  • Income Tax Calculator

    The Income Tax Calculator provides a guide to your income tax obligations.

  • Loan Comparison Calculator

    The Loan Comparison calculator will let you compare your repayment options between two loans.

  • Loan Repayment Calculator

    The Loan Repayment Calculator will provide you with an estimate of your monthly, fortnightly or weekly loan payment.

  • Lump Sum Repayment Calculator

    The Lump Sum Repayment Calculator will provide you with a guide on the amount and time you could save on your loan repayments.

  • Property Buying Calculator

    The Property Buying Calculator will help you calculate the fees and charges involved in purchasing a property.

  • Property Selling Calculator

    The Property Selling Calculator will help you determine the fees and charges involved in selling a property.

  • Saving Calculator

    The Saving Calculator can help you estimate how much you can save over a given time period.

  • Stamp Duty Calculator

    The Stamp Duty Calculator provides an estimate of possible Stamp Duty which is an Australian government property tax.

  • Split Loan Calculator

    The Split Loan Calculator will determine your repayments and total interest under different fixed and variable rates.

  • Tax Depreciation Calculator

    Tax Depreciation Calculator will provide you with a guide for estimating the depreciation potential for your investment.

  • Term Deposit Calculator

    The Term Deposit calculator can estimate your total interest on a term deposit account with different fixed and variable rates.

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