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Property investment in Brisbane has long been regarded as a solid move, especially when considering the population growth and growing property undersupply that continues to worsen. Despite the doomsayers, property investment in Brisbane even held up throughout the midst of a Global Financial Crisis, with the Australian Property Monitors' September 2009 quarterly house price index showing the median property price in Brisbane rising one per cent. Whilst this isn't ground breaking, considering the state of the world's economy, property investment in Brisbane has been holding up well.

All key market indicators point to strong growth moving forward for property investment in Brisbane, with the population exploding and the gap between supply and demand widening.  According to figures from the Australian Demographic Studies March 2010, Queensland recorded the second fastest population growth in the nation at 2.2%, making property investment in Brisbane a sound investment option. Coupled with net interstate migration figures that show Queensland recorded the highest gains nationwide, one could suggest that property investment in Brisbane is not only a wise financial move, but a social and financial necessity.

As property becomes increasingly scarce, the number of property investments in Brisbane will become more valuable, making it a wise choice to buy before prices take off. The Australian Bureau of Statistics June 2010 report has indicated that the south east corner of Queensland represents 66% of the state’s total population. With this type of population saturation, prices of property investments in Brisbane will be highly reliant on the state of supply in these metropolitan areas.

BIS Shrapnel has projected that Brisbane's capital growth is set to skyrocket to 16 per cent until 2012, making property investments in Brisbane even more desirable. Current research suggests that property investments in Brisbane are going be in even greater demand as the National Housing State of Supply Report 2010 estimates Queensland as having the second highest dwelling gap figures. Overall, this indicates that there will be a much higher need for property and opportunities for property investments in Brisbane will become more highly sought after.

While housing demand may be relative to population growth, the predicted shortfall of available property is estimated to be widely disproportionate to the current population boom, fuelling property investment in Brisbane. BIS Shrapnel's Building Industry Prospects February 2010 report shows Queensland as the only state in Australia still below the 2007/08 building commencement levels. As Queensland is more than 25% below the levels of 2007/08, this is placing greater pressure on housing costs and increasing rental returns, subsequently stimulating property investment in Brisbane. This pressure is only going to further drive up profits of property investments in Brisbane, which will inevitably once again increase the desirability to invest in Brisbane.

We believe that now is one of the best times to consider property investment in Brisbane, as the property cycle is correcting and strong growth has been forecast. With a particular future need for medium to high density dwellings we at Which Property? appreciate the value of the right type of property investments in Brisbane.

That is why, in our opinion, property investment in Brisbane will continue to be fruitful based on current trends in strong population growth and an increasing gap between supply and demand.

So which property investments in Brisbane should you consider? As always look for suburbs in Brisbane that have good infrastructure such as schools, shopping centres and accessible public transport. There are plenty of property investments in Brisbane that already fit this criteria.

Which Property are experts when it comes to property investment in Brisbane. If you would like to discuss current opportunities please contact us today.

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