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Investment strategies

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An investment strategy involves looking at your situation as well as becoming familiar with various investment options. Your strategy should consider of properties, locations and how you will manage your investment financially.

Your investment strategy is a major factor in deciding what type of investment suits your situation. The following articles look at investment strategies. 

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  • Why Make a Real Estate Investment?

    We all have an idea of our financial goals for the long term and investments in shares and properties are an option to achieve greater financial freedom.

  • Investing In Real Estate: An Introduction

    With housing projections in Australia predicting the biggest future deficits to be in and around our major cities, some of the most promising returns both through rent and capital growth will be in these areas too.

  • Investment In Real Estate: A Long Term Strategy

    Two major factors you will need to take into account when considering a property investment are: If this form of investment is the right one for you, and the state of the investment property market you intend to buy into.

  • How To Invest In Property

    When you buy an investment property, you will find yourself making major decisions that will affect your financial stability. For this reason, investing in real estate property can often be a daunting process.

  • Lifestyle Investment Property
  • The term ‘Lifestyle Property’ usually springs to mind with coastal properties that investors can spend their summers in and rent out for the rest of the year.

  • Buying Investment property off the plan

    Buying off the plan is an investment strategy where you purchase an apartment prior to it being completed. So why would you purchase property off-the-plan?


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