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Property investment in Brisbane

Property investment in Brisbane has long been regarded as a solid move, especially when considering the population growth and growing property undersupply that continues to worsen.

Despite the doomsayers, property investment in Brisbane even held up throughout the midst of a Global Financial Crisis, with the Australian Property Monitors' September 2009 quarterly house price index showing the median property price in Brisbane rose one per cent. Whilst this isn’t ground breaking, considering the state of the world’s economy, property investment in Brisbane has held up well.

All key market indicators point to strong growth moving forward, with the population exploding and the gap between supply and demand widening. We believe that now is one of the best times to consider property investment in Brisbane, as the property cycle is correcting and strong growth has been forecast. BIS Shrapnel has projected that Brisbane’s growth is set to skyrocket to 16 per cent until 2012, making property investment in Brisbane a great opportunity.

Furthermore, BIS Shrapnel’s Building Industry Prospects February 2010 report shows that Queensland is now the only state in Australia still below the 2007/08 building commencement levels. Queensland is more than twenty-five per cent below the levels of 2007/08, placing greater pressure on housing costs and increasing rental returns, this makes investing in property in the Brisbane area an appealing proposition.

In our opinion property investment in Brisbane will continue to be fruitful based on strong population growth and an increasing gap between supply and demand.

So which areas will perform best in terms of property investment within Brisbane? Any Brisbane suburb that has good infrastructure such as schools, shopping centres and accessible public transport will perform well.

Which Property are experts when it comes to property investment in Brisbane. If you would like to discuss current opportunities in Brisbane please contact us today.

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