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  • Downsizing, Not Downgrading. Download free report.

      The kids have probably moved out, there are extra rooms and unused space, and you just don’t have the same requirements that you once did. Circumstances change and downsizing to a smaller property mightn’t sound like a glamorous change, but it can come with several perks – namely freeing up more money to spend,…

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    The ‘School Factor’ in Property Investment

      Real Estate Investors are paying more for properties near top ranking schools and universities, and this is a trend expected to continue in the future.

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  • apartment vs house

    House vs Apartment

      How many times have you heard the line that the value of a property is held in its percentage of land ownership? This statement infers that stand-alone homes will always experience stronger capital growth than apartments. This is a baffling remark, highly subjective to individual circumstances and often misleading. Yet it keeps popping up!…

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  • rules for downsizers post

    Rules for Downsizers

      It doesn’t matter if you are looking to free up equity, if you are an empty nester or just got tired of living in a big house in the suburbs and want to move to closer to the action, the fact is that thousands of homeowners are looking to downsize every year. Did you…

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