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  • terminology post

    Speaking Property: Terms you need to know when purchasing your new home

    Buying a property is exciting, but it can be confusing and daunting is you aren’t familiar with the terminiology commonly used in the Real Estate industry. Below is a list of property jargon you will most likely come across in your search for your new home.

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  • property ownership post

    Choosing The Best Property Ownership Structure For You

    When two or more people own a property together, there are three main ownership structures they can choose from…

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  • post conveyancer

    Why do I need a Conveyancer?

    Conveyancing is an important part of buying and selling a property. It is the process of legally transferring ownership of a property from one person or entity to another.

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  • Brisbane property market video podcast

    The Brisbane Property Market Wrap Up 2018 (video)

    Colette Chester explains in this webinar everything you need to know about what has happened in Brisbane’s Real Estate Market during 2018, and what can we expect for 2019.

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